Executive Producer Lia Eliasson lia@kinxyz.co +46 70 415 27 27
Tjärhovsgatan 4
116 21 Stockholm

KIN is a production house and talent agency representing Parmida Hamdollazadehkive, Maksym Rovenko, Adam Falk, Elisabet Lindén Calatayud, Louise Whitehouse, Moncef Henaien, Alexander Dahlström-Horvath, Björn Weidinger and Jacob Rangnitt.

Our roster holds a diverse range of directors and photographers with backgrounds encompassing still photography, music, choreography, design and classical storytelling.

KIN was started 2023 by B-Reel Films as a wish to expand its repertoire, adopting a different perspective on the creative process and focusing on brands in search of a more experimental and artistic approach to film and photography.

We offer our services globally